It's Week Three of Shelter-in-Place

US is global epicenter, the Taliban said no, and Asian Americans are under attack.

Welcome to Third Cultured, a Queer Reading of the American Empire through crisis-after-crisis — written by yours truly, Kyle Borland.

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The US is the global epicenter of COVID.

The Taliban rejected talks with the Afghan government, ending the attempt at peace.

Predictably, hate crimes against Asian Americans have spiked.

However, amongst so much chaos, I saw folks publishing gratitude lists the past couple weeks and I thought it would be a great exercise. Check out my list below and let me know what’s helping you make it through our global quarantine.

Gratitude List

  1. Fresh air, the shining sun, and a roof to enjoy them whenever I need an escape.

  2. A partner to live through this ordeal alongside. I FaceTimed a good friend of mine on Sunday and she mentioned how she hadn’t touched another human being in 19 days. If you can hug and kiss a loved one right now, be thankful.

  3. Weekly Zoom chats with my family. We’ve gone from fighting about Trump to playing drinking games during his deranged press conferences. #growth

  4. Bay Area cannabis. Regional sales spiked 150% after the stay-at-home order.

  5. These 7 COVID resources you should bookmark right now.

  6. Dua Lipa’s new “Future Nostalgia” album is Pop perfection.

  7. Fantastic Negrito’s new song, "Chocolate Samurai.” It’s dedicated to those in isolation. "Have you lost your mind yet?!"

  8. Netflix and Plex for keeping me entertained with enough content for the gods.

  9. This NYTimes collection of hope-fueling actions.

  10. CHIKA’s “Industry Games” EP. She’s a Montgomery, AL native, so we stan.

Stay safe and healthy, beautiful people. And, thanks for reading.

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Kyle (@kgborland)

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“Donald Trump, you are a miserable human being. You manage international relations like a New York mafia extortion artist you once were as a real estate boss.”

Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro after the Trump administration designated him and his inner circle on drug trafficking charges. Maduro also called Trump a “racist cowboy.” #WhereIsTheLie

American Empire Things

COVID-19 Updates

Record Unemployment (Graphic: Vox)

The St. Louis Fed president said the unemployment rate could hit 30 percent in the second quarter, equaling a loss of $2.5 trillion in wealth. As if to prove his forecast right in record time, 3.28 million Americans filed for unemployment the week ending March 21 – myself included – eclipsing the record of 695,000 set during the Great Depression. Unfortunately, it’s likely the week ending March 28 will match or exceed the previous week’s total.

International Things 

COVID-19 Updates

Non-COVID News

One Cultural Thing:

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